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Train cemetery in the Bolivian Andes

Let me share ....

First, thank you for stopping by and hope you enjoyed viewing my work.

The image on the left was taken in the Bolivia, at a train cemetery high in the Andean mountains at about 13,000 ft!. Dozens of old trains scattered in the middle of the desert. Weird but cool at the same time! 

If you didn't notice,  my name is written on the train over my head!  It was already there!

Yes, that would be me in the middle.  On the right is my son and a great friend on the left.  Family, friends, a passion for life and travel, sprinkled with adventure and my camera is what  best describes me and my life.

I now live in  Arizona.  I have always enjoyed the the vibrant and dull colors of the desert, and the changing topography, wildlife and the dark night skies  of the southwest.

 My images are the reflection of places that I want to share for the  home, office, college dormitory and other special places.  I have many pieces of my work in my own home. It's not because they are mine but because they blend and enhance the environment in terms of color and light.

Each piece of work on this site includes recommendations for materials  (gloss, canvas etc) that best represent that specific piece of artwork.  

 if you have a special request or a question on size and or material, please don't hesitate to contact me via email.

To see more of my images, you might also visit www.lucyunsworth.com

And, visit my blog at  lucyunsworth.com/blog or click on the link icon on the left!

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